April 13th, 2000
w/John Linnell

John Linnell's set:West Virginia / South Carolina / Alaska / New Hampshire / Arkansas / Michigan / Oregon / Louisiana / Nebraska / Montana / The Songs of the 50 States

Wake Up Call / Finished With Lies / Robot Parade / Subliminal / Cowtown / (She Thinks She's) Edith Head / We're the Replacements / She's An Angel / Working Undercover for the Man / Letterbox / Older / It's So Loud In Here / Boss of Me / Pet Name / James K. Polk / Spin the Dial / Cyclops Rock / Purple Toupee / She's Actual Size / Dr. Worm / Birdhouse In Your Soul / S-E-X-X-Y / Masshole / Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes / Hideaway Folk Family / Why Does the Sun Shine? / New York City / Istanbul

Ah, the first show of the new millenium for me. This was a special treat for me as this was my first Linnell show. He had a special treat for the audience performing the B-side to Montana, Louisiana.

Later, came the Conformists, and according to sources, the lead guitarist was on TMBG staff, which is how they got the gig. They only performed a quick 30 minute set, which consisted of British rock 'n' roll.

Then TMBG came on, first as a duo. They performed Finished With Lies and the new children's album song, Robot Parade. Then came the band of Dans, in which they dusted off a song called Subliminal.

After Subliminal, everyone up front held up signs asking to fix Dial-A-Song. Flans insisted it was working, the fans thought otherwise. Later on Flans would get into an argument with one of them about it again. As of now, it is still not working. It finally began to work on 4/18/00.

Other surprises were some updates on songs, such as Cowtown with horns, Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes, and Hideaway Folk Family. The horns also made an appearance on It's So Loud In Here and Working Undercover For The Man. Boss Of Me made an appearance, as well as the old Spin The Dial skit, in which the Johns improvised on "Jump! For My Love!", "Carry On My Wayward Son", and an old ballad that Flans knew and loved.