April 20, 2000

It's Not My Birthday / New York City / Cowtown / Particle Man / Meet James Ensor / Spin The Dial / Older / Cyclops Rock / Boss of Me / Don't Lets Start / James K. Polk / Chess Piece Face / Working Undercover for the Man / Spider / The Guitar / Turn Around / Four Of Two / Ana Ng / Thunderbird / Maybe I Know / Finished With Lies / Robot Parade / Your Racist Friend / Birdhouse In Your Soul / Spy / Dr. Worm / Lie Still, Little Bottle / Masshole / Twisting / Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes / The Famous Polka / How Can I Sing Like a Girl?

Night two of four, show three of five for me (Saw them in DC on the previous Saturday). The Rustic Overtones opened for them, a funk band, which Flans is a fan of.

Yes they did repeat songs tonight, but big deal, it was still all good. Robot Parade made a return appearance, as did another song that will be on the children's record, 4 of 2. If you want to see the clock the song speaks of, it's on 5th Ave. and 22nd St., but it has been fixed since the song was written. Flans mentioned the children's album will be entitled, "NO!"

The show started with a B-side, It's Not My Birthday. Other gems included Thunderbird, and James Ensor.

Spin The Dial was tried twice. The first time it was Britney Spears "You Drive Me Crazy", then Billy Joel "She's Got A Way". They finally settled on "Disco Inferno". Flans was singing the words, but they couldn't make the transition to the chorus line. It was attempted a 2nd time, but all Flans got was talk, so he gave up.

Their 1st encore started with Lie Still, Little Bottle. Flans asked everyone to clap, and the clapping got faster. I tried to keep them slow, but Flans just gave me a look that said, "No, don't try it, it won't work." Then some guy yelled that I was a white boy with no rhythm, so I just looked at him. Bet he's never picked up an instrument in his whole life.

One notable ommision, NO ISTANBUL! 1st and only time that has ever occurred for me personally. Leave out Birdhouse and then I'll know I've gone to one too many shows!