May 4th, 2000
"The Big Band Show"

Big Band set:Wake Up Call / Older / How Can I Sing Like a Girl? / S-E-X-X-Y / Dr. Worm / Meet James Ensor / Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / Turn Around / Chess Piece Face / band intros / She's Actual Size

Regular set:Robot Parade / Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes / Why Does the Sun Shine? / Four Of Two / Boss of Me / Birdhouse In Your Soul / Spy / Hypnotist of Ladies / James K. Polk / Mammal / Cyclops Rock / The Guitar / New York City / Particle Man / Cowtown

This show ranks up there as one of the best of the best. They began by playing a 45 minute set of old favorites, but jacked up on the brass! A 7-piece horn section put together, music arranged and conducted by Velcro Horn Dan Levine, with Linnell coming in on bari sax making 8. New reworked version of Older, She's Actual Size, How Can I Sing Like A Girl, and Meet James Ensor, juiced up versions of S-E-X-X-Y, Dr. Worm, Chess Piece Face, and and Turn Around, and possibly the best version of Istanbul I have ever heard. I can't wait for the boot of this one. Had the whole show been a big band show, I would make it my most fun show ever, not to mention the fact that I was drinking gin and tonics like it was water!

The 2nd show was a standard set, although they played Mammal (Haven't heard it since 6/20/99), and Estrogen finally slipped away from Why Does The Sun Shine. All in all a wonderful show, on many accounts. At the end of the show, Iggy, the sound guy, let us in on some upcoming TMBG gigs. But the best was seeing many TMBG chatters make the trip, from Ohio, Kentucky, Chicago, and Montana!! This was certainly a gathering of Giants fans nationwide. Below is a picture of all of us. We all had a great time.