May 15th, 1999
"Doubleheader Night"

My first show at the Bowery, and a special night because TMBG decided to do two shows that night, the first one starting at 8 PM. The reason for this gig was to have the New York premiere of 5 new songs, Edith Head, Cyclops Rock, It's So Loud In Here, Thunderbird, and Dr. Evil. The 1st three mentioned had their world premiere at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, which I was at. Thunderbird was premiered in New Haven, CT, and Dr. Evil had its premiere here on this night.

The set list:

Early Show: Gigantor (Walk-out music) / Finished with Lies / James K. Polk / (She Thinks She's) Edith Head / Spiraling Shape / Your Racist Friend / It's So Loud In Here / Ana Ng / Shoehorn With Teeth / Cyclops Rock / Birdhouse In Your Soul / Spy / Exquisite Dead Guy / Mammal / Pet Name / They Got Lost / She's Actual Size / Particle Man / Famous Polka / Thunderbird / Dr. Evil / Theme From Rocky (Dr. Evil Outro) / Older / New York City / The Guitar / Why Does The Sun Shine? / Dr. Worm / Maybe I Know / Istanbul (Not Constantinople

Late Show: Sorry I Fucked Up The Show / How Can I Sing Like A Girl? / I Palindrome I / Your Racist Friend / Til My Head Falls Off / Don't Let's Start / It's So Loud In Here / Lie Still, Little Bottle / Dr. Evil / (She Thinks She's) Edith Head / Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / Spy / Exquisite Dead Guy / She's An Angel / Turn Around / Dr. Worm / Whistlin' In The Dark / Meet James Ensor / Why Does The Sun Shine? / James K. Polk / Older / Twistin' / Dig My Grave / Birdhouse In Your Soul / The Guitar / Maybe I Know

Thunderbird had Linnell singing without an instrument to play, and he felt uncomfortable "fronting" the group.

Dr. Evil had Flansburgh's wife, Robin come out and sing. Everyone swooned over the 1st line of the brand new song, which also had Dan Miller on keyboard.

What also made the night special was it was the first I met a lot of TMBG chatters in person, with people flying in from all over the country.

The late show was even better, because as soon as TMBG saw the same people back in the front row from the early show, they had no choice but to change the set list on the spot and include some numbers they didn't do in the early show. This show started at about 11:30 PM.