Welcome to the corner of Delancey and Bowery in New York City, home of the Bowery Ballroom. For the past couple of years, the rock band They Might Be Giants have made this their "home" venue. Since 1998, they've played here nearly 15 times, most of the shows coming in spurts. I have managed to see them play a double-header show on May 15th of '99, 4 shows in a row on Oct. 20-23, and 4 Thursdays in a row dating April 13th to May 4th of 2000. I took my own pics of the October series week; I tried to focus more on pics of the show rather than of the band. I figured that since many people take shots of the band, and frankly do a better job than me, I felt it was better to do shots of the surrounding sights of a They Might Be Giants show, namely the fans who go to these shows night after night, and come from long distances for special occasions such as this. Well, I won't be at the free 8/19 Brooklyn show due to gigs of my own, but I'll be back at the Bowery again in November when they perform 5 Thursday shows, hopefully with some more surprises. See you then.