History Of The Budgiedome:

Falcon Ridge 1999:

Debut of Camp Früvous. Camp set on 2nd ridge behind big tree next to the Front Porch.

Falcon Ridge 2000:

Debut of the Budgiedome!

Steve Martin says, "Driving up to FRFF the PVC pipes looked like a rocket launcher was on top of my vehicle."


Russell Wolff CD Release party.
Christine Abbott
Kevin So
Butch Ross
Christopher Williams
Adam Brodsky

Steve also says, "A big thanks goes to Russell for inviting people to play at the Budgiedome."

Solar shower added by Neal.

Moxy Früvous mentions Camp Früvous during their set: ""Camp Fruvous is their name/Camp Fruvous, a little insane/Camp Fruvous, they're out in the fields/Camp Fruvous, SWARMING THE NIELDS!!!!"

Falcon Ridge 2001:


Russell Wolff
Butch Ross
Eric Schwartz
Adam Brodsky

Butch Ross got a gig after playing the Budgiedome!

Falcon Ridge 2002:

Many additions to the Budgiedome including:

Large Budgiedome sign.
Beacon lights for people to find it.
Flag Pole with Camp Lori & Steve flag and a Canadian flag, completely with a daily morning flag raising ceremony.
Recorded Budgiedome sessions for the amateurs.

Russell Wolff CD Release Party
David Morealle
Butch Ross
Eric Schwartz
Christina Abbott
Adam Brodsky
And many others....

Da Vinci's Notebook also makes a non-performing appearence at the dome, and thanks Camp Früvous during their main stage set.