The Malcolm in the Middle/They Might Be Giants connection page

Last updated 3/12/2000
As everyone knows, the hit FOX sitcom Malcolm in the Middle features music by everyone's favorite band, They Might Be Giants. Not just the theme song, "Boss of Me" either, but incidental music, original songs written for the show, and previously released studio material also occurs in the series. What I have here is a quick-run down of the music (incidental music excluded) that you will find on the show.

Episode #1:

During the fight scene, "Pencil Rain" is played.

Episode #2:

Flansburgh sings a children's song that is very similar to a Barney song called "Nice Is Good". This song might be found on Dial-A-Song at 718-387-6962, depending on what song is on that day.
An instrumental version of "Reprehensible" is played towards the end of the episode.

Episode #3:

As the boys clean and then mess the house up again, "Until My Head Falls Off" plays.

Episode #4:

Only incidental music is featured in this episode, although a lot of music is used included the tune "Monster", which can be found on Radio They Might Be Giants.

Episode #5:

At the beginning of the episode, the boys are playing a violent video game. Their mother turns it off and wants them to watch something less violent. She changes the channel, and out of the TV (you only hear it) is "Why Does The Sun Shine?", the slow version from the EP of the same name.
"Reprehensible" without vocals makes another appearance during a montage of how the family is handling living in a trailer while Malcolm is loving his new babysitting gig.

Episode #6:

"Don't Cry" is played at the end of the episode, albeit a slowed down version. Instead of "How Can I Sing Like A Girl?", this performance should be subtitled, "How Can I Sing Like Barry White?"

Episode #7:

"Monster", an instrumental that can be found on Radio TMBG and makes a return appearance when all hell breaks loose at the academic circus.

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