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The Bowery Ballroom was a blast!!! 3 hours of unadulterated TMBG!!! WOW! Anyway, I took some great pics of TMBG chat friends that I went to the show with, and I have them right here. Here they are:

JJRRutgers (Me), TDK, Francois

This was taken right before the 2nd show. Thank you Blondie!!!

Top row: TDK, Jenna, Amanda, Sarahbelle
Bottom row: Jordan and MathiasHalo

Announcement made us all paper white masks of evil named William for the show. Someone stuck one in the confetti cannon at the show, and Linnell had no choice but to get rid of it.

Jenna & Sarahbelle, the two people who won the contest for the people who came the farthest distance, Texas!!! Also above them is TDK again, once again wearing a paper white mask of evil with shades. I had lunch with TDK at Katz's (From "New York City") before the show.

The Girl From Venus w/escort.

Announcement and the APG. He is the man who has seen more TMBG shows then there are ridges on a dime.

I'll put up more pics as they are needed, includes concert pics of the Johns themselves. I hope to see you all at the free show in Central Park on Father's Day!

If you have any bios to send me, mail me at JJRRutgers@aol.com.