The Professor Plum/TMBG Community connection

I would like to consider myself a member of the TMBG community, which consists of people from the chat room, AOL's weekly Cowtown chat room, the musings board, the mailing lists,, and simply going to many shows and meeting and befriending the same people. I always tell them about my own band, Professor Plum. And with much gratitude, several of the people from the TMBG community have actually come and seen my band perform. I am writing this page to thank each and every one of them who has seen a show or has bought a Long Distance CD from me.

Sparrow - From the chat room. She is the first TMBG community member to see our show, although we had to come to her in Pittsburgh. I was very happy to see her there, and, a ska fan herself, she enjoyed it a lot. I gave her a tape of one of our shows, and she was able to sing along to all of our songs. She now has our CD and some merchandise. Thank you Sparrow. * Squish * TDK - From practically everywhere, to be a member of the TMBG community, you HAVE to know who he is. He has seen us twice, one time as the only person there to watch us. He's taken pictures of us like he does at TMBG shows, but the lighting is usually very bad and didn't come out good enough to post here. I do thank him for supporting us however, and for bringing TMBGal to a show. He saw us at the Saint in Asbury Park and the Palace in Bound Brook.

TMBGal - She's a member of the TMBG chat room. She came with TDK to the show in Bound Brook.

Announcement - He's a member of the TMBG chat room and has attended hundreds of TMBG shows. But I was very flattered when he said that our band should open up for the Giants, and that we were better than some of the other openers he's seen. I even played a TMBG song during one of my solos for him. He attended two of our shows in Bay Shore, LI, at the Funky Phish., along with Stufsocker, and the 2nd one with a mini-disc recorder.

Stufsocker - Not in the chat room too often, but I met her during the October '99 Bowery shows. She enjoyed us so much, she bought our CD.

OCSabrina - Part of AOL's Cowtown. She has nominated herself the president of the JJR fan club. She has yet to see us (She's in California), but she has our CD and merch.

Rudie - Part of's chat room. Also a proud owner of our CD and a fan of ska music.

Sarahbelle - Part of's chat room. She also nominated herself president of the JJR fanclub, but she loves us thanks to the tape I sent her. She finally saw us along with Jenna, Announcement, and Hank at Obsessions.

Jenna - Part of's chat room. Best friend of Sarah, she made part of the weekend to see our band and loved it. Now she has our CD.

Hank - Part of's chat room. Friend of Jenna's, he was pogoing happily to our show. He has played our CD on his radio program at college.

Sara Trixie - Used to be in's chat room, now in hiatus. From Towson U., she'll be seeing us do a free show there on May 6th. Also a brand new owner of our CD.

Hopefully this list will grow and grow, so keep supporting us!!!