Welcome to the online home of Camp Früvous!

Every July in upstate New York, Früheads (Fans of Moxy Früvous) and other fans of Eddie From Ohio, The Nields, Da Vinci's Notebook, and many others, gather from all over the United States and Canada at what some people call the happiest place on earth, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

For 3-4 days, people can be found dancing in the dance tent, listening to music at the main stage and the workshop stage, visiting with distant friends, and partying at the big tent at the top of the hill, the Budgiedome.

This website is designed to be the home of all things Falcon Ridge for people who visit the Budgiedome, as well as give info for those who might ask, "What's a Budgiedome?"

Information on the Budgiedome

History of the Budgiedome

Pictures of the Budgiedome and Falcon Ridge

Info on Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

"The tents are coming over the hill,
we thought they were inanimate but now they're set to kill
At Falcon Ridge this summer somehow we've enraged the Falcon Gods
Tents have turned to creepy crawling body-snatching pods.

- "The Killer Tents" - Moxy Früvous