Welcome to my Eddie From Ohio tablature page! Here you will find over half of EFO's catalog with the lyrics, chords, and most of the riffs that make up each song.

Keep in mind that I'm not guaranteeing these tabs are correct, so if there is a mistake, let me know, and I'll check it out and see if it's a valid mistake and change it if it is. Go to http://www.olga.net for explanations on tablature. Enjoy! (Songs last updated 2/1/05)

Also available, Nicole's Complete EFO Lyrics Page!

A Juggler On His Blades

Fly South
Bones Of A Lifetime
Payday In The Village
Joe's Gas
Cleo & Tony
Step Into The Outside

Hail Mary Shy Of Redemption
The Ghosts Of St. George's Drive
That 7-Eleven Song
If I Were A Flintstone
The Long Walk Home

Our Fair City
Very Fine Funeral
Blue Jeans
The Candidate

Doin' Time Under The Lifeguard

Actually Not

North Pacific Rain
Fruited Plain

Hojo's On Waukegan
Mimomsas In Missouri
Three Fine Daughters Of Farmer Brown

Santa Margherita
Imagine Me
Porter's Tale
It Ain't Worth
Continents Of Time
Red Footprints
Falling Rock

How Far To The Water
Ginger Faye
Betty Don't Use That Gun
Very Short Fuse
In Paradise

I Rode Fido Home

This My Town
Miss Fritchie
Oh My Brother
The Bridge

Mistress Snow & Mary Jane Green
Moons Of Jupiter
Rolling Pin
Soup Comes Cheap
Catchers Drummers Anchormen
You And Me On A Rowboat To Rio

When The Last Page Is Turned

Big Noise

I Don't Think I Know Me

Omar's Got A Problem
Juan In The Rear View Mirror
No Left Turns In Jersey
Simile Song
Under David's Feet
Big Noise
Bowling In The Hills
Margot Fonteyn

Train Song
The New James Bond

Looking Out The Fishbowl

Stupid American
5th Of July
Old Dominion

From Dacca
Woman Of Faith
Good At That
Minnesota 1945
Irish Dream
Eddie's Concubine
Loitering In The Lobby

Bleeker To Broadway
20,000 Hearts
Maylee, I Had A Dream
Bonny Brook


Let's Get Mesolithic
Best Of Me

Hey Little Man* (See bottom of this page)
No. 6 Driver
1000 Sarahs
Candido & America

Cantering On Fool
Tommy The Canexican
Tom Burleigh's Dead

Great Day* (See bottom of this page)

This Is Me

And The Rain Crashed Down
This Is Me
Lady Freedom
Independence, Indiana
Clear And Present Danger

50 Pounds
Adios, Lorena
The Bird
No Pain, No Problem

Walk Humbly, Son* (See bottom of this page)

Robbie Schaefer - In The Flesh (Unique songs only)

Back Beat
Message In A Bottle

Holy Land
Feels Like Rain

Miscellaneous Tunes

Schoolhouse Rock Medley - Their infamous medley that now only rears its ugly head on the Edhead Cruise.
If I Had A Boat - Lyle Lovett cover from the Portable EFO show album.
Jack Can't Cook - Mike Clem original from Portable EFO show album.
30-Second Love Affair - Robbie Schaefer original from his solo debut and the Portable EFO show album.
Operator - Spiritual that is the only song to make appearances on both EFO live discs. The 3 Rooms version is far superior and super-sized.
Seven Bridges Road - Eagles cover that is covered occasionally.
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan cover that makes an appearance on the Three Rooms live disc. It also made a frequent appearance after O My Brother after 9/11.
This Land Is Your Land - Falcon Ridge favorite.
The Weight - The Band originally did this song, it's another Falcon Ridge favorite.
Get Together - The Byrds made this song famous. EFO often covered it in 2003.

* - Sheet music now available! Now for "Great Day", "Walk Humbly, Son", "Hey Little Man", and a Julie wedding number, "All I Ask". If you are interested in a copy, please send your request along with $5.00 (made payable to Eddie from Ohio) to: Eddie from Ohio, PO Box 7431, McLean VA 22106 Attn: Sheet Music. Please include your proper mailing address and which songs you wish to receive. Thanks guys!